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Banques d'accueil

ARCHITECTURAL PURITY AND STRONG COHESION between materials: these are the peculiarities of the project that reveal the personality of Z2. Wood, lacquer and light combined with a clever balance create a perfect sinergy between function and design, elegance and simplicity.

TO CREATE THE RIGHT PRODUCT you need to know the user’s needs. Functionality, pure lines and volumes are the recognizable elements of Z2.

Z2 SYSTEM IS ABLE TO COMBINE THE WELCOME DECLINATION of the reception with a fully internal workability by using modular elements.

The reception is the first contact element with the outside world, but it’s becoming more and more workstation: Z2 combine conversation and work efficiency.

Z2 WELCOMES YOUR GUESTS AND PROMOTES CONVERSATION with a clever combinations of color, shapes and materials. Lets your guests feel confident.

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