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Bureaux Opératifs

VERSATILITY AND FLEXIBILITY ARE THE STARTING ELEMENTS OF THE NEW LINE X2 The modular components give you endless possibilities to work out different compositions in order to solve any need, from the workstation to the executive desk.

OM THE SINGLE DESK TO THE OPERATIVE BENCH X2 is a flexible line with different solutions.
X2 develops itself around a structure with endless connections and components.

SHARING SYSTEM OF THE STRUCTURE ALLOWS TO MULTIPLY the tops getting different compositions keeping the same quality and practicality.

THE OPERATIVE BOX EXPANDS FUNCTIONALITY AND WORKING SURFACES. Desks integrated with boxes equipped with flip-up covers for the cable management and sliding door.

THE STRUCTURAL DETAILS OF THE LEG AND ITS MODULARITE create a new concept of operative space. Different types of screens,
light and simple, divide the various working areas with discretion.

THANKS TO THE VERSATILITY OF THE ELEMENTS, THE OPERATIVE BOX CAN create single or multiple workstations. The structural elements can be integrated to the accessories rail with flip-up covers that host sockets and connections.

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